About Kuko De Kobra

The fakir Kuko De Kobra was actually named Johannes. In the middle of the twentieth century he worked in a travelling circus where he entertained the audience by swallowing swords, sat on nail mattresses, breathed fire among other things. His hectic life absolutely reeked of rock n' roll and he would have loved to have a band named after him. He's got that now.

The Danish trio put their trust in rock-solid melodies, quivering energy and the insistence on being in the moment. In other words: relevant and melodic rock with sharp riffs and a strong lead vocal. The sometimes cryptic lyrics deal a lot with ethics and spirituality without the use of pointed fingers and half-hearted answers.

If you delve into the band's discography you will quickly discover that straightforward hard rock, hand clap-driven power pop and thoughtful ballads live side by side with noise rock, some experimental detours and a flirtation with psychedelia.

The sound of Kuko De Kobra thrives in the space between party and passion, fire and fervor.

Kuko De Kobra is:

John Sharling: bass, vocals

Thomas Hesselholt: guitar

Kasper Neubert: drums


Naja Naja (2012)

A Girl And Her Giraffe (2015)

GaneShaMan (2020)

Underdog Chorus (2022)

Liontamer (2023)